The Tip of the Iceburg: Only the Beginning


I Desire to Desire My Imaginary Friend

I wake up in the morning, knowing that we are both here but the possibilities vary and yet I still believe, I still desire. I'll be patient until that moment comes around, and I'll do anything to receive it but I can't promise I won't be greedy, because I will and I'm ashamed but its true.
I can't wait for the moment you look into my eyes and notice that love at first sight can be true. All I need is you to let me know that its true too, I'll accept anything from you.
Why do humans and maybe animals have the feelings of desire, how about plants? I know someday they all want to be loved, but by who and whose responsible for love? You could see the branches of the tree reaching for the sky, reaching for God, reaching for love but they don't seem to reach for humans.
It's so hard to describe life and love, even though we have it everyday. The mystery of desire still sleeps even though desire itself is awake.
I know you are out there, and you know I am here but when the day comes, I promise I'll be prepared.

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