The Tip of the Iceburg: Only the Beginning


Now, Can you feel it?

Have you ever just stop whatever you're doing and just realise 'you're living'. What I mean by this is not just randomly saying that you're doing the best and that you should strive more in life but wanting you guys to know that this is what it feels like to live. To have a body, to see, to hear and to feel. Yet have you ever thought of what it will feel like if you're dead, would it feel the same as what you're feeling right now or would it be a total difference.
Honestly, I've been through a phase when I thought that I was the only one living and that I'm actually under watch by this secret company that actually wanted to see how I would react to their little experiment of theirs. I thought I was so important and that I needed to be the best because they can't send me out to a scary place called earth with no particular reason, unless I was the chosen one. I woke up from that way of thinking when I figured out that others, too, have feelings and problems which are bigger than mine. Comparing myself to everyone else, to know where I stand in the world and whether I was strong enough to handle it by myself.
Then I started asking, why are we here? There must be a reason why something went through all the work for me to be here at this specific time or just simply my existence. No one told me why everyone come and go so I made theories of myself to understand life from my perspective, because there wasn't really a right perspective.
So now, just realize this is how its like to exist, understand that it won't always be this way. If so, what are you going to do about it? Live?

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