The Tip of the Iceburg: Only the Beginning


The Connection, The Endless Bridge

I'm busily walking on an endless, foggy bridge. I try so hard to see what is on the other side, but the harmless haze blocks me from seeing it. As I take each step, getting closer and closer to my unknown destination, I look back and I see what I’ve done in the past that scarred my brain. Always wishing it was long lost memory, but some wishes can't be granted. As I wait for all my wishes to be granted, I'll just keep walking 'till I reach the other side of the "what it seems" endless bridge.
Questions that I always ponder on are like When is this endless bridge ever going to end. Just because it is endless, does it have to end? Everyone has their own bridge; it is the bridge that describes the life of the owner, not the owner’s life describing the bridge. The longer the bridge is, the longer the life. The steeper the bridge is, the harder the life. Color represents the mood of the owner and so far blue is what I’ve been through. Stairs shows what it’s like to have such help at such a critical time. And the pace of the owner shows the time they have.
Sometimes I feel like I’m running to the other side, but sometimes I just want to go back from the very beginning of the bridge. The beginning when stable land supports the bridge. Can a bridge be demolished? I hope not, I’m trying my best to find the perfect concrete to support my way to the other side. Religion is the material that can support the bridge; do I have the right material? Can we change the material once we understand what to change into?
Every step I accomplish represents the challenges that I’ve overcome. So what kind of bridge will I like to own? A bridge that has extreme support that can hold the whole universe, shades of different colors so I can discover what color suits me best, many steps so I can show what challenges I’ve accomplish and I want to make sure that I walk as slow as possible so I can understand what I have to do here before I go. Bridges are made before the owners and life is decided before it began.
Some owners say that the other side of the bridge is a place known as Heaven. But 40% of the same people also believe that you have to clean yourself before you reach paradise. Some other owners believe that once your bridge is finished, you’ll have to go on another. Others don’t mind what is on the other side; they just want to own a joyful bridge. All I know is that the bridge is a test, what comes after is a reward.

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