The Tip of the Iceburg: Only the Beginning



This is stupid, and no matter how many times people say that I'm being too delusional about 'Love', I still urge to have it, to own it, to give it and submerge myself in it.
I fell in love, but I'm so sure if I'm actually serious about it but I do not want to lose it.
Do you know the feeling when you're doing something really bad, the guilt that screams at the back of your mind telling you that it just feels wrong but your whole body just goes contra to it.
And how you glare into their eyes, seeing the best of you in it and their joy overlapping the pain and suffering that they've been through. How you just pop a smile on a face that's so hard to smile just because of your presence. How you just contemplate every possible moment you can have with them, only wishing that it could come true, how they just laugh at things that you say that weren't so funny but heck they can't stop loving you back.
Then 'Poof'', it's all gone and want you're living on is just memories of you with them. How you just remember every second, every conversation and every response that they've given. You find yourself hanging in the clouds only bringing back the memories that you hope the they too are wanting back. Mutual trust, everlasting loyalty, commitment, positivity and the right intentions.
They say ' Love the way you want to be love', and if you're the only one that giving all the effort, then why carry one? You deserve to be treated right, to be cared for so why are still with the one that makes you feel like you're such a suckup? If you are in love, make sure they love you back.

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