The Tip of the Iceburg: Only the Beginning


Strong Thread or Weak Thread

Problems intertwine with other problems that cause other problems that effect life. Life can be long, short, thick or thin, just like a piece of string or thread. Billions of lives are different, billions of thread are different and billions of possibilities awaits.
Dominoes -no, not the pizza- the rectangular blocks that fall on top of each other that cause chaos at the end. One problem fall on top of another which equals a chain of problems that ends with chaos. Can a life be strong by making sure that there is some way to stop at least one domino so it wouldn't end up as chaos? Can a life be weak by having a catalyst that makes chaos come even quicker?
Can thread be strong or weak, can life be strong or weak? What is the best way to live a life, what is the best way to make thread?
Are we prepared?

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