The Tip of the Iceburg: Only the Beginning


I'm Tired Of Being Myself

If I could be someone else, I wouldn't pick myself. Simple yet depressing way of living. A new adventure is always nice, not when you have to risk someone you love. I'd rather be a villager, it sounds hard, but hard is not difficult. Hard is only an illusion that makes you think that everything is okay, but can an illusion be easy, can it be simple, can an illusion be me? Can I be an illusion?
Why be really good at only 1 thing, when the world opens a door that leads you to a bucketful of things. People see a half glass of warm milk as half empty, others think its half full but I think its another way to get taller.
I want to be able to see the world not fighting, not arguing and no poverty, but is it really that hard, that type of illusion that we can simply fight for has demolished our inner confidence. It's good to look at the bad side sometimes, but not all the time.

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